photo by Norm Shafer

photo by Norm Shafer

The Cranberry's Stage

West of Roan: The Sealskin Sunday @ 12:30PM / Monday @ 3PM / 45 min

The Sealskin is inspired by traditional shape-shifting stories from around the world. Through shadow puppetry, song, and dance, the Sealskin explores the animal skin as a symbol of soul and wild power. What wounds are felt when mothers and grandmothers give up some of their wildness in order to have an idea of home? Can their children’s souls find wholeness? Can we love with freedom? The seal-woman’s children are asking.

Ages 8+



Photo by Betsey Suchanic  

Photo by Betsey Suchanic


Caravanserai: The Bellwether Tales  Sunday @ 2:20PM (Kettle Stage) / Monday @5:45PM (at The Cranberry's Stage) / 45 min

Bellwether Tales is a program of chamber music works, ranging from Mozart (1781) to Wiancko (2016), exploring the theme of self determination and what it means to forge one’s own path. Our intention is to create a welcoming environment, dismantling the stiffness that often accompanies classical music concerts. Bellwether Tales is intended for audiences of all ages and we encourage families to bring children.





Dr. Dour & Peach's The Monster Songs: Love & Other Lures Sunday @ 6PM / Monday @ 12:40PM / 60 min

Returning for a second year to ShenFringe, Dr. Dour & Peach are a comedic musical duo consisting of singer-songwriter Toby Mulford and cellist Rachel Spicknall Mulford. Dr. Dour (vocals, 10-string touch-guitar) and accompanist Peach (cello, banjo, cute) tell the personal stories of lovesick mummies, giant lizards, bargain-hunting zombies, and other hapless creatures of the night in this cabaret cocktail of playfully macabre original songs. Together they travel the vaudeville circuit and share their musicological studies of things that go bump in the night. All Ages




Cody Clark: A Different Way of Thinking Sunday @4:20PM / Monday @11AM / 60 min

In this one-man magic show,  Cody Clark combines magic, comedy, and storytelling to give a first-person account of living with autism. Starting from his birth and ending with his graduation from the University of Louisville, it places his magic effects within events from his life, showing the audience how his autistic brain makes him perceive these events differently. All Ages





ShenFringe Presents the Workshop Showcase: Sunday @2PM / 50 min / PG13

We are pleased to present these bold, curious and risky works in progress by emerging performers. We hope this new experiment in theatrical cultivation will entice you to embrace our 2017 participants...

Kim Greenawalt- I'm presenting the story of Titus Andronicus from Lavinia's perspective. The work may explore the limitations of communication when a body part is denied use. How can a physical artist, like a dancer or mime, communicate without her hands (or perhaps feet)? I hope to present Lavinia as a three dimensional human being rather than only the stereotypical chaste, silent, obedient woman to whom all these terrible things happen. How can I empower this character than men typically label as "victim" and "ingenue"?

Chad Marriott- A one man Cask of Amontillado. Poe delivers the tale in the first person. The question is who is Montresor telling this story to? This production hopes to answer it with an audience.

Savhanna Jones- an original monologue to be revealed..."Who would win in a fight? You or me? And how can I make sure the answer is me? I'm sorry if this hurts your feelings, but I want to make sure I can kill you really good. With so many options at my fingertips, how do I decide which one is right for me?"



Harrisonburg Dance Cooperative with guest Faith Levine Sunday @ 3:15PM / 20 min

Seven dancers will perform four short original modern dance pieces; two solos, a duet, and a quintet. Each piece stands alone but all are connected by there use of the body to abstract ideas, thoughts, and emotions from the audience as well as portray kinesthetic exuberence and raw physicality. Our work is appropriate and accesible to all ages





Spectacle & Mirth's Teacup Cabaret Sunday @ 9PM opening for Curtis Eller at the Sunday Shindig

Featuring Lula Houp-Garou, The Lady Octavia, Doc Volz, & your host Carmel!

The Kettle Stage:

Live Double Feature

Heretic Pride's Yellow Pity Fragments / The Mad Muse: Love&Art                Sunday @4:20PM / Monday @2:40PM / 60 min total / Ages 16+

Yellow Pity Fragments...

17 scraps of bright yellow post-its from inside a library book. School notes basically, but each note just suggestive enough to keep the reader, deprived of the scraps’ original context, invested in the scraps themselves. Put two scraps together, and a rough plot starts to take shape. Arrange them all together to create a full blown story.

Heretic Pride is an experimental performance group based out of Staunton, VA. They love monsters, machines, memory, and messing with the Kettle’s chairs. Three people enter space-time together: nothing leaves the same way twice. 


Love&Art is a work pieced together about different ways to love in the modern world. Form the Romance of MadLove, to SelfLove, and finding a Community of loving people. It is my hope to empower people to empathize, to be brave enough and inspired more to LOVE OUT LOUD! To live an Epic Story. 

The Round World presents The Pansy Craze! Sunday @11AM / Monday @ 6:45PM / 75 min

The Pansy Craze is a modern take on the queer, underground, cabaret scene of the late '20s and early '30s. Our sexy roster of queer performers bring you a naughty night of boylesque, music, circus and sideshow

Ages 18+ 






Martin Dockery: Delirium Sunday @12:50PM / Monday @5PM / 60 min

"In this comical, true story, I follow the improbable, otherworldly flight of monarch butterflies as they stagger to their winter redoubt high up in the forests of central Mexico. As much a tale of the most mind-boggling migration on Earth, Delirium is a story of both falling in love and falling apart, of searching for meaning in loss, and of staggering through our own improbable, other-worldly flights through life." All Ages






Sherrie Martin: I Will Sell This House TODAY! Sunday @6PM / Monday 11:45AM / 45 min

An ageing Realtor uncovers the tips and traps of selling a house – in one day. Enjoy her journey of a day in the life of a Real Estate Agent as she overcomes obstacles and competitor sabotage. Remember, signs don’t sell houses, Realtors do. All Ages

Heather Massie: Hedy! The Life and Inventions of Hedy Lamarr Sunday @7:30PM / Monday @1PM / 60 min

Hedy Lamarr, glamorous siren of the silver screen, was more than the most beautiful woman in the world. She invented Frequency Hopping and Spread Spectrum Technology that make the world of wireless communication tick. From Austria to Hollywood, WWII, torpedoes, ecstasy, and intrigue to the very cell phone in your pocket, she was there!

HEDY! The Life & Inventions of Hedy Lamarr takes the audience on a journey exploring the unexpected genius of glamorous actress and inventor, Hedy Lamarr.  Ages 12+

Public Art & Buskers

Anne Paulus' St. Simeon in the Sky: Hourly from Saturday @7PM to Sunday @7PM                                          To be discovered @ The Beverley Street Studio School

photo by Norm Shafer

photo by Norm Shafer

Our locales have become profoundly lonely and alienating places; our concern for the suffering of those whom we see every day is suppressed and rechanneled in our frantic efforts to "stay connected" through the fracturing and ubiquitous lens of the screen. We attempt daily to ascend into the world of disembodied ideas. St. Simeon was a 4th and 5th century Syriac ascetic who lived on a pillar for over 40 years, exposed to the elements. This was his effort to be closer to God; his effort to leave the demands of the body behind. Far from seeing him as mad or foolish, people from nearby villages flocked to him to seek counsel.

 In the tradition of Holy Fools and desert ascetics, though not attempting to claim any kind of holiness, Anne Hopestill will erect a 10 foot tower in a public place and sit on it for 24 hours--overnight. This is, in part, to call attention to and ask questions about the pressing issue of homelessness within our own broken communities. There will be hourly, brief performances of sacred dance and music throughout the 24 hours. The audience will be invited to cover the tower with ideas and images. The tower will be erected over a day and taken down the following day. It is time to stop outsourcing the problems within our own places to larger, broken power structures. It is time for the local community to take back and fix our destructive systems of production and consumption, which serve to alienate us from ourselves, from the natural world, and from each other.

Photo by Norm Shafer

Photo by Norm Shafer