Please Welcome the Films of #ShenFringe 2018!

The Visulite Cinema

Documentary Double Feature

Sunday @ 4:15PM / Monday @ 4:30PM / 75min / All Ages

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Art 21: Vancouver by Pam Wagner

The television series Art21 provides unparalleled access to the artist’s voice to diverse audiences around the world, using the power of digital media to introduce millions of people to contemporary art and artists. In this episode from Season 8, a small and tightly-knit group of Vancouver artists reframe the world through a series of sophisticated illusions. By recreating historical moments, staging photos of vernacular scenes, and crafting intricate sculptures that trick the eye, artists reveal how everyday images and moments from the past are not always what they seem.



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Well Groomed by Rebecca Stern

Well Groomed is a kaleidoscopic journey into the colorful world of competitive creative dog grooming - diving deep into the passion these specialized groomers bring to their work and the mentorship needed to take them to the highest levels. Following two creative dog groomers – Adriane Pope and Angela Kumpe - as they transform their poodles into fantastical creations for the year’s most intensive competition, Well Groomed reveals this niche world and shows the love, compassion, dedication and heartbreak involved in creating art.


Narrative Double Feature

Sunday @7PM / Monday @ 1PM / 1hr 40min

Breakfasts With Curtis

Breakfasts With Curtis

Breakfasts With Curtis by Laura Colella

Old grudges and repressed secrets among neighbors - members of a bohemian household and the family of teenage Curtis next door - dissolve into fun and fresh possibility. The transformative power of forgiveness, and of unbridled creative fervor, spark a seminal summer for Curtis and change for all.

The Quiet Zone -rose w ring bw.png

The Quiet Zone by Lysandra Petersson

A woman returns to her estranged husband after an eighteen month absence. Her motives for wanting to reunite are shadowy -- and things are complicated by the appearance of a strange priest who is her guru and partner-in-crime.






The Visulite is wheelchair accessible.