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The Kettle Stage

Rebecca Kalant

Rebecca Kalant

The Pink Hulk: One Woman's Journey to Find the Superhero Within! 

Sunday @ 7:15PM / Monday @ 3PM / 60 min / Ages 18+

Now battling breast cancer after fighting off lymphoma, Valerie David does something most people facing cancer for the second time probably wouldn't think of doing. With a fear that she she might lose the girls, she takes them out for one last hurrah. And does she succeed? Is there a "happy ending"? Come see the show to find out! This sexy, adventurous award-winning solo show follows Valerie's triumphant journey to seek her own "hulk-like" strength within, while trying to get a little somethin' on the side! Plenty of humor--guaranteed!


Heartbreak Double Feature:

Sunday @ 3PM / Monday @7:30PM  / 60 min / Ages 18+

Entra, Silvio! presented by Rachel Austin: The country and the woman Italia adores her Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi, whose antics, deceit, and manipulation of the Italian executive branch bring the country to financial ruin. A one woman,  multi-media musical with a short cameo by "Berlusconi", the piece uses video from public TV and an original score. 

ShenFringe Workshop presentation: Workshop pieces are in-progress works. Bring an open heart and listening ear. 

What is going on? bravely presented by Jennifer Jones in collaboration with The New Directions Center

TRIGGER WARNING: Abuse, sexual assault, prostitution, and heartbreak are all discussed in these pieces. 


Shadow Puppet Showcase:  

Sunday @ 5:30PM / Monday @ 6PM / 60 min / PG 13

Moving Hands/ Shadow Tales presented by Jim Julien: Three short shadow puppet tales of fantasy and real life and chickens. The Squid and the Octopus: Two cephalopod friends must face their greatest challenge and escape a savory fate. The Swallow Artist: An artist finds his true talent deep within and travels the world. Spreading wonder and horror with his unique gift, he bites off and swallows a big piece of his dream. The Red-eyed Chicken: My life is being controlled by a chicken with a very different agenda. A chicken who does not see the struggle of human life. 


the ocean, at night, it comforts me presented by Miranda E.R.: When I can't sleep, it helps to think about how much we don't know about the ocean. Part ballet, part nature documentary,  this atmospheric puppet performance of internally illuminated sea creatures has no words just mollusks. 

ShenFringe Dance Showcase:

Sunday @ 1PM / Monday @ 1PM / 60min / PG 13

Dance in My House presented by Lots of Lights :  Dance in My House tests all the ways which poetry, music, dance, and dramaturgy can join together, creating brand new shapes and making spectacular discoveries along the way. It acts similarly to the game Telephone. Poetry moves from the poet to the musician, the music moves from the musician to the choreographer, the choreography moves from stage to the audience, and something completely new, fun, and weird has come out the other end, reminding us all of those things which make us all human. 

String of Purls presented by Silvia Sheffield & Co.: A partially improvised dance theater solo set to the goosebump-raising voice of Patsy Cline. Be advised: this performance is intimate, bizarre, honest, and not without dark humor. Oh, and I'm dancing with my 55-feet-long knitting project.

Care Stealing presented by Toro y Terra: A dance duet  created while constrained by a foot injury and an ankle injury. We took those constraints and made them an integral part of the dance. We are taking care of our bodies throughout the duet, but still dancing as fully-embodied as we would have without the injuries. 

Photo by Kris Panko

Photo by Kris Panko


The Central United Methodist Stage:

Photo by Norm Shafer

Photo by Norm Shafer

Pierrot Illuminated by the Moon presented by Caravanserai

Sunday @8:30PM / Monday @3PM / 60 min / PG 13

When Pierrot is bullied by people in the sunlit world, he seeks refuge in the comfort of the world illuminated by the moon. The moonstruck clown lives his intense emotion through Schoenberg’s expressionistic musical melodrama. An unnatural extension of the spoken voice recites the poems by Albert Giraud describes Pierrot’s distorted reality as he experiences love, lust, violence, blasphemy, nostalgia, and eventually happiness.

Returning from last year, Caravaserai picked up a 7-piece chamber music ensemble and plans to illuminate the dramatic setting with a light show.


Live Music & Movement Double Feature

Sunday @5:45PM / Monday @7:30PM / 60 min / PG13

Dressful of Dreams presented by The Bipeds: an original, cross-disciplinary duet featuring choreographer Stacy Wolfson and banjo player Curtis Eller. With their signature performance style, the duo delves into an unsettling landscape of dreams where language dissolves and movement and song emerge as the only reliable means of expression.


Simultaneities I presented by John Dull & Jeremy West: The epic myth of Orpheus and Eurydice expresses love/loss, memory/oblivion, resolve/resignation in such profound ways that speak to the human condition across time and space. Bohemian-Austrian poet Rainer Maria Rilke captures the essence of this tale in perfect verse in his Sonnets to Orpheus. Our piece uses heightened speech in conversation with effected electric guitar as well as the space of the room to bring the audience into the story in a new way. 

The Stuart Hall Stage

Godelieve Richard in To Bee or Not to Bee.web.jpg

To Bee or Not To Bee by Piti Theatre Company

Sunday @ 3PM/ Monday @ 4:30PM / 60 min / PG

Farmer James has lost his bees, there’s only gruel to eat and now the townspeople (the audience) have arrived to protest, chanting “There’s no good food, we’re in a bad mood.” To Bee tells James’ comic, tragic and ultimately hopeful story – complete with puppetry, clowning, dance, live music and lots of audience participation. Piti created the show to raise awareness about the honeybee’s plight and gives children and adults tools for helping bees thrive in their communities. 


Photo by Norm Shafer

Photo by Norm Shafer