Please Welcome the Visual Artists of #ShenFringe 2018!

Water & Life presented by Cara & Mia Wang

Water and life are closely related.
All early civilizations in the world are originated from rivers. Water is the creator of all living things. Our lives are given by it no matter where you are from. Every individual in the world is like a drop of water in the ocean.
We are all different, but yet all the same. The tracks of our lives are contained in the water drops. Water drops gather to form river and sea. In this world, water allows our lives to link together in such an abstract way.
In this series of our works, we want to express that we, all individuals, are equal like drops of water. In the works, we combined blue and figures together. Blue symbols peace. The world are we are now living in still contains hates and conflicts. We hope to use our works to bring people a short moment of peace, and tell the world that: we are of a kind.

Cara and Mia are international students in Staunton, VA presenting their collaborative series. The twin sisters were #ShenFringe 2017 Audience Choice Winners in Visual Art. 

Fiona presented by Cheyenne Crawford

An encaustic portrait series.

Let There Be GWAR: Costumes & Props created by Bob Gorman, ShenFringe 2018 Hostage of Honor.

Josephine Massarella's experimental 16mm film 165708 will be playing on the hour at ShenFringe HQ. Exploring the capacity of the medium to express various notions of time, the film begins with a woman looking out from the shoreline. This acts as a point of departure to disparate yet interconnected sequences which prompt the viewer to engage in a structurally unique mode of inquiry and experience. A dynamic original score by the acclaimed composer Graham Stewart accompanies the film.

165708 Still frame.jpg

The Fringe Gallery is the beating heart of the festival with its art, box office, meet up space and central location.



This venue is wheelchair accessible.