Can I be a Fringeketeer? Yes! 

There are 2 groups of people we could not live without: Sponsors and Crew.

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Who works on this crazy boat? 

Carmel Clavin

Photo by Pat Jarrett   

Photo by Pat Jarrett


Directorix & Grand High Poobah Extraordinaire

A performer & spectacle-maker from the North, I have made my home in Staunton, VA. With roots firmly in street theater and bellydance I have branched out to create Vaudeville, Shakespearean theatre, costume voodoo, & jam like its 1799 on the button accordion. I love to sing too loud, sling henna, and wear grand hats. 

Spectacle & Mirth is my production house for the Teacup Cabaret, The Pulp Raconteur,  The Marvelous Mechanical Maiden, The Marvelous Mechanical Mata Hari, and I am the founder and head tea maker of The Kettle.

Melissa Huggins


Ticket Queen & Volunteer Wrangler

From the New Jersey/Philadelphia area, Melissa holds a BA in English Literature from Arcadia University, an MA in Shakespearean Studies, from King's College London, and an MFA in Shakespeare and Performance from Mary Baldwin College.

She has interned with Shakespeare's Globe Theatre in London; the Walnut Street Theatre in Philadelphia, PA; and the ASC in Staunton, VA.

She's totally met ninjas!

Pat Jarrett


Art Tzar

Pat Jarrett is a photographer and editor working with the Virginia Folklife Program at the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities. His work has also been published by the Washington Post, The New York Times, The Guardian in London, National Public Radio and The Christian Science Monitor among others. He has appeared on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and CNN. His work has also been recognized by the Virginia News Photographers' Association and the Horizon Interactive Awards. 

Jarrett is married to a fire-breathing seamstress and prefers two-wheeled transportation to four any day of the week. He believes the low-and-slow method is best for cooking meat, luck is a manifestation of hard work and daily newspaper photography is a surreal art form.


Thadd McQuade


Techical Director

The one who keeps all the ships running and all the glitter sparkling! 

Anna DeNoia


Fringetern & House Manager

Anna DeNoia is a Chicagoland native currently pursuing a double major Theatre as well as Writing, Rhetoric, & Technical Communication at James Madison University.  She is an artist, a writer, an organizer, and gifted roller skater. Among other things, Anna enjoys making noise, helping other people make noise, encouraging people who should not be making noise to stop making noise, and taking naps (when it’s not too noisy).

Asia Vizcaya


ShenFringe HQ Fringetern 

A senior at Mary Baldwin University working on a BA in Arts Management. She has interned for Made in Virginia TV and the MBU Hunt Gallery as well as worked on numerous MBU Theatre productions. Asia has been a part of the film and media club at Mary Baldwin for the past four years and has a passion for making movies. Originally from Texas, she has a slight obsession with Harry Potter and K-Pop and can be found singing and dancing along despite having no ability to speak Korean or sing. Her talents include talking extremely fast, being dramatic for no reason, and thinking of comebacks after an argument has already ended.

Asia photo.jpg

Rachel Cavoto

Rachel Cavoto.png

Fringetern & House Manager

Rachel hails from the valley and stuck around to attend James Madison University. As a junior theater major, she enjoys collaborating and creating as well as dressing up and playing pretend for an audience. Rachel is a member of Stratford Players, and Doghouse productions, two JMU student production bodies and spends her free time trying to figure out how to be a princess when she grows up.