Photo by Norm Shafer

Photo by Norm Shafer

Do you wish to present at #ShenFringe?

Hooray! We were hoping you would.

Applications are CLOSED

Shenandoah Fringe is a curated festival and our panel of jurors looks forward to the weird and curious offerings from our diverse region. All applications will be online and will require some amount of material evidence for your pitch or past work you have done.

This is a profit sharing model, so every creative who participates from dancers to tech crew will be paid. Because the gallery space is an unticketed "public" space for patrons of the festival the pay structure is different than our ticketed events.

The festival will pay each artist chosen to present in the ShenFringe Gallery 5% of Button revenue or a $50 minimum honorarium. If you sell any of your work at the festival, Shenandoah Fringe will take a 20% commission. This allows us to take on the task of festival logistics to present your work and allows you the opportunity to continue being a sustainable member of the artist workforce- remember artwork is work. Please note that slots for the gallery are extremely limited.

What you can expect from ShenFringe:

  • A gallery space for your work
  • A gallery manager
  • 1 ticket & 1 button per artist for a show at the festival + 50% off additional tickets
  • Free entrance to all festival special events and parties
  • A marketing package to help you spread the word about your work at the festival
  • Help finding housing during the festival if you need it

What ShenFringe will need from you:

  • A fully completed online submission form including display requirements, description of your offering, material support of this work or past work and the payment of the $20 application fee.
  • A signed contract saying you will present at our festival in our profit share model.
  • Web ready images of you or your group or the pieces.
  • Your utmost effort in helping to promote the festival with the help of the marketing package we provide you.
  • A venue fee of $30.

What Are We Looking For?

Photo by Norm Shafer

Photo by Norm Shafer

  • Installation pieces
  • Photography
  • Soundscapes
  • Sculpture and Fashion

In a festival format, the low tech show is King. You will have an extremely limited amount of time to load in and out of a venue, you will meet your Gallery Manager the day before (if you're lucky), and rigorous tech needs are a double edged sword that is likely to stab you mid festival. Consider embracing the stripped down Fringe version of your project. There is plenty of room to play and experiment inside a sparse space.

This festival runs Sunday & Monday. The gallery space will function as the heart of the festival and all work must stay up both days.